School Profiles: Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers an online digital marketing degree. Kaplan stands apart from the others to populate this page in that it primarily distributes its degrees to students who get credits online. Known for their study aids for tests like the LSAT and the MCAT, Kaplan University proper is in Davenport, Iowa, where the campus has been (albeit under a couple of different name) since 1937. 9 other, smaller campuses are operated by the University complex across Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland. The school offers online MBA programs in Accounting, Management Studies, and Finance, along with courses in a wide variety of subjects.

The school is actually owned by a corporation that invests in institutes of higher learning, Kaplan Higher Learning Corp; that company is owned by Kaplan, Inc., which in turn is owned by the Washington Post. The Higher Learning group includes other local universities in the Midwest.


The campus in Davenport, Iowa


Like UM-Dearborn, the program is relatively new. Trends in registration for its digital program have yet to be identified, and the class and teacher selection is relatively narrow. This represents a dynamic new direction for the school; though a variety of BBA degrees are available, the school has not offered a marketing degree until now.

The Kaplan program is widely used across the country to fill extra credits and inch more quickly toward degrees. The digital degree requires a measure of commitment, however, as the requirements are fairly school-specific.


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Top Digital Marketing Schools

This page is devoted to helping you find the best digital marketing degree programs. The featured university today (which is likely to become a running theme) is Michigan-Dearborn, one of the first in the nation to offer the opportunity. Pay their pages a visit!

Page for the College of Business:

The university’s homepage can be reached by clicking the block “M” in the top-left corner. Information on admissions, financial aid, and other steps in the application process can be found there.

Page for the program:

The market for graduates in this area is growing quickly, but the labor market is completely unprepared for the stunning growth in demand. There is no better time to get in on the action.