Careers in School: The iLabs Program at UM-Dearborn

The University of Michigan-Dearborn’s College of Business, a top school in the newly-developing digital marketing field, offers a unique career opportunity to students before they get their degrees. This is carried out through the school’s iLabs program, known colloquially as the school’s “front door,” which offers research, information technology, and marketing services to clients who can purchase the expertise of the University and its best and brightest. Led by Professor Tim Davis, iLabs offers a wealth of research data to clients including the state of Michigan.

Business climate studies have been presented to Michigan governors by Professor Davis and his team, offering solutions on keeping talent and entrepreneurship in Michigan–the only state in the Union to feel a population decrease in the last decade. Marketing research is a common assignment for the iLabs crew, which serves clients across the metropolitan area. This is a top program for COB students and both a great honor and a great resumé booster.

iLabs has its own site for those interested in making contact. The program is always well-staffed, as Professor Davis tours the curriculum each semester looking for students who might not have the time to go through the internship program but still want real-world experience to tell future bosses about. The class is among the school’s crown jewels, and consistently draws the attention of potential employers to the University.


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