School Profiles: The University of Texas at Austin (M.S. in Marketing, Digital Track)

Better known simply as the University of Texas or as the home of the Longhorns–regrettably ranked 18th in NCAA football, one spot ahead of my beloved Michigan Wolverines–Texas at Austin does not offer an MBA specifically for the digital field, but has a specialization option for students already pursuing a master’s degree in marketing. Notably, the program does not actually culminate in an MBA but in a Master of Science in Marketing, typically considered a business field. How it was separated from finance or accounting, which are in the normal MBA program, is explained nowhere on the school’s website.

Students stroll around the campus on a sultry Texan afternoon.

The school, second-largest in the state behind Texas A&M, is renowned as a top contributor through research, primarily in science and engineering. More than half a billion dollars in research funds found their way into the school’s endowment fund in 2010; other than MIT, no other university without a medical institution was able to raise as substantial a research budget that year. The school’s new digital program is the subject of much attention and high expectations, as businesses across the country eagerly await the first waves of graduates to enter the job market. Students pursuing a masters degree in marketing at Texas at Austin can choose from five different specialization tracks ranging from management, market research, and brand management. The newest addition, the digital program, was added in the last year.


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