School Profiles: The Geneva Business School (Digital Communications)

No engineering or liberal arts degrees for grads of the Geneva Business School–though the college offers degree programs up to the doctorate level, only business students can be found there. A private school that has only offered classes since 2001, the university has grown significantly since its foundation. Its digital marketing equivalent, the Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, is a brand-new program which the school is offering for the first time in the fall of 2012. GBS is also introducing a Master’s in Digital Marketing, which uses many of the same classes as the communications program.

The Geneva Business School’s insignia

The school was founded to teach finance (specifically banking and insurance education) by asset management group IFGP at the behest of Swiss banks. Over the last 11 years it has significantly expanded its Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate-level programs.

The new degree programs, including the 18-month Master’s track, are open to international students with Bachelor’s degrees or backgrounds in marketing. Classes can be taken online as part of a distance learning program and are taught in English.

The lobby of a GBS building on a busy school day

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