School Profiles: University of Southampton

Though the field is still relatively new, prospective students who are enthusiastic about study-abroad opportunities can look to Great Britain for such programs. The University of Southampton is near Salisbury in southern England, and it offers an MSc (Master’s program) in digital marketing. It is one of the first universities to do so, and it has attracted attention from students all over the world. One who has traveled a significant distance to the unversity is Marina Sakapi, who reports having a very positive experience:

An early entrant into the University’s Digital Marketing program.

The university was founded in 1862 and gained the authority to grant degrees through the University of London in 1902; however, it did not attain official university status for another 50 years after that. 60 years later, the school has a reputation for producing quality research, and is listed among the top schools in the U.K. in numerous publications.

The University Biomedical Center

As widely regarded as the university is worldwide, grads from this institution are likely to have something to offer you in the European and/or global markets. Also, few other schools in the game can claim to offer a Masters in Digital Marketing. The newness of the field makes it attractive to smaller universities like UM-Dearborn, but in this case, the older guys have something worthwhile to offer too.

Southampton University illuminated in the English night


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