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University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business Names New Dean

According to the top-three (in the state) business school’s website, the search for a new dean has come to an end. Yesterday the university’s digital news sources officially named Nagraj Balakrishnan dean of the College of Business, a post he will take at the beginning of February 2013. Dr. Balakrishnan comes to UMD from Clemson University, where he has served for the past 13 years; in addition to teaching, he spent time as a graduate coordinator and a department chair.

Balakrishnan’s background is in operations management, with an interest in supply chain management research mentioned by the article. He has written a textbook, Managerial Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets. Other fruits of his academic career have been published in top business journals. With significant experience in project coordination, his addition to the staff will provide a significant boost to the school’s marketing plan to increase enrollment.

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School Profiles: The University of Texas at Austin (M.S. in Marketing, Digital Track)

Better known simply as the University of Texas or as the home of the Longhorns–regrettably ranked 18th in NCAA football, one spot ahead of my beloved Michigan Wolverines–Texas at Austin does not offer an MBA specifically for the digital field, but has a specialization option for students already pursuing a master’s degree in marketing. Notably, the program does not actually culminate in an MBA but in a Master of Science in Marketing, typically considered a business field. How it was separated from finance or accounting, which are in the normal MBA program, is explained nowhere on the school’s website.

Students stroll around the campus on a sultry Texan afternoon.

The school, second-largest in the state behind Texas A&M, is renowned as a top contributor through research, primarily in science and engineering. More than half a billion dollars in research funds found their way into the school’s endowment fund in 2010; other than MIT, no other university without a medical institution was able to raise as substantial a research budget that year. The school’s new digital program is the subject of much attention and high expectations, as businesses across the country eagerly await the first waves of graduates to enter the job market. Students pursuing a masters degree in marketing at Texas at Austin can choose from five different specialization tracks ranging from management, market research, and brand management. The newest addition, the digital program, was added in the last year.

School Profiles: The Geneva Business School (Digital Communications)

No engineering or liberal arts degrees for grads of the Geneva Business School–though the college offers degree programs up to the doctorate level, only business students can be found there. A private school that has only offered classes since 2001, the university has grown significantly since its foundation. Its digital marketing equivalent, the Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, is a brand-new program which the school is offering for the first time in the fall of 2012. GBS is also introducing a Master’s in Digital Marketing, which uses many of the same classes as the communications program.

The Geneva Business School’s insignia

The school was founded to teach finance (specifically banking and insurance education) by asset management group IFGP at the behest of Swiss banks. Over the last 11 years it has significantly expanded its Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate-level programs.

The new degree programs, including the 18-month Master’s track, are open to international students with Bachelor’s degrees or backgrounds in marketing. Classes can be taken online as part of a distance learning program and are taught in English.

The lobby of a GBS building on a busy school day

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School Profiles: University of Southampton

Though the field is still relatively new, prospective students who are enthusiastic about study-abroad opportunities can look to Great Britain for such programs. The University of Southampton is near Salisbury in southern England, and it offers an MSc (Master’s program) in digital marketing. It is one of the first universities to do so, and it has attracted attention from students all over the world. One who has traveled a significant distance to the unversity is Marina Sakapi, who reports having a very positive experience:

An early entrant into the University’s Digital Marketing program.

The university was founded in 1862 and gained the authority to grant degrees through the University of London in 1902; however, it did not attain official university status for another 50 years after that. 60 years later, the school has a reputation for producing quality research, and is listed among the top schools in the U.K. in numerous publications.

The University Biomedical Center

As widely regarded as the university is worldwide, grads from this institution are likely to have something to offer you in the European and/or global markets. Also, few other schools in the game can claim to offer a Masters in Digital Marketing. The newness of the field makes it attractive to smaller universities like UM-Dearborn, but in this case, the older guys have something worthwhile to offer too.

Southampton University illuminated in the English night

School Profiles: Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers an online digital marketing degree. Kaplan stands apart from the others to populate this page in that it primarily distributes its degrees to students who get credits online. Known for their study aids for tests like the LSAT and the MCAT, Kaplan University proper is in Davenport, Iowa, where the campus has been (albeit under a couple of different name) since 1937. 9 other, smaller campuses are operated by the University complex across Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland. The school offers online MBA programs in Accounting, Management Studies, and Finance, along with courses in a wide variety of subjects.

The school is actually owned by a corporation that invests in institutes of higher learning, Kaplan Higher Learning Corp; that company is owned by Kaplan, Inc., which in turn is owned by the Washington Post. The Higher Learning group includes other local universities in the Midwest.


The campus in Davenport, Iowa


Like UM-Dearborn, the program is relatively new. Trends in registration for its digital program have yet to be identified, and the class and teacher selection is relatively narrow. This represents a dynamic new direction for the school; though a variety of BBA degrees are available, the school has not offered a marketing degree until now.

The Kaplan program is widely used across the country to fill extra credits and inch more quickly toward degrees. The digital degree requires a measure of commitment, however, as the requirements are fairly school-specific.

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School Profiles: University of Michigan-Dearborn

As I go here, it seemed a logical place to start. UM-Dearborn is the third-ranked business school in the state of Michigan (after UM-Ann Arbor and Michigan State). The school opened in 1959 and the business school opened a few years later, in part by the grace of Ford Motor Company. It has enjoyed significant […]